Published and Forthcoming Papers

Innovation & Technology Management

  1. Nittala, L., S. Erat, V. Krishnan. (2022). Designing internal innovation contests, Product and Operations management
  2. Stouras, K. I., S. Erat, and K. C. Lichtendahl Jr. (2020). Prizes on Crowdsourcing Platforms: An Equilibrium Analysis of Competing Contests, Proceedings of The 21st ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC‘20).
  3. Erat, S. (2017). Making the Best Even Better: The Role of Idea Pool Structure, Production and Operations management (download, zipped simulation code)
  4. Erat, S. and S. Kavadias., and C. Gaimon (2012). The Pitfalls of Subsystem Integration: When Less is More, 59(3), Management Science, pp. 659-676. (download)
  5. Erat, S. and S. Bhaskaran (2012). Consumer Mental Accounting: Implications to Selling Base-products and Addons, 31(5), Marketing Science, pp. 801-818. (download)
  6. Erat, S, and V. Krishnan (2012). Managing Delegated Search over Design Spaces, 58(3), Management Science, pp. 606-623. (download)
  7. Erat, S., and S. Kavadias (2008). Sequential Testing of Product Designs: Implications for Learning, 54(5), Management Science, pp. 956-968. (download)
  8. Erat, S., and S. Kavadias (2006). Introduction of New Technologies to Competing Industrial Customers,’‘ 52(11), Management Science, pp. 1675-1688. (download)

Behavioral Operations & Behavioral Economics

  1. Erat, S. and U. Gneezy (2015). Incentives for Creativity, Experimental Economics,(download)
  2. Erat, S. (2012). Avoiding Lying: The Case of Delegated Deception, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. (download)
  3. Erat, S. and U. Gneezy (2012). White Lies, 58(4), Management Science, pp. 723-733. (download)

Working Papers

  1. Erat, S. (2012). Sorting in the Market for Collaboration: The Role of Sharing Rules. (link)
  2. Chao, R., and S. Erat. (2012). mpetition and Effort in Contests with Evaluation Uncertainty.
  3. Erat, S, and C. R. McKenzie. (2019) Attribution of Individual Responsibility following Group-level Feedbackck.
  4. Erat, S. (2019) Optimal Sequential Seach with Noisy Measurement