Buildup of Ideas

Posted on Sun 08 January 2017 in Research • Tagged with Measurement, R

There is much research that suggests that people dont often get a sudden inspiration, but that they gradually buildup ideas over time. I was interested in one specific piece of this, how can we measure buildup or lack there of. Of course, it is easy to eyeball ideas or to …

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Moving webpage to a Pelican powered static blog.

Posted on Mon 26 December 2016 in Tech • Tagged with pelican, python

The old webpage had started to look kind of dated. Since I didnt want to spend too much time mucking around with html/css, I ended up setting up a static blog type webpage with pelican using the Flex theme.

Some great instructions on getting it up and running is …

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Efforts in Internal Contests

Posted on Wed 23 September 2015 in Innovation, NPD • Tagged with contests, tournaments

Consider a firm which has two employees. We assume that the employees can either work on routine projects and put in efforts \(E_{i}\) (\(i = 1,2\)), in which case, the firm obtains reward \(E_{1} + E_{2}\) from these routine projects, and the employees obtain wages \(wE_{i}\). Note …

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Using Options Framework to think about where to submit a paper

Posted on Sun 04 January 2015 in Random Thoughts • Tagged with random thoughts

Suppose that the probability of acceptance at the best journal is \(p\) and at the 2nd best journal is \(\theta p\). Moreover, after a paper has been reviewed once, we have the chance to improve it and consequently increase the probability of acceptance. Let these 2nd chance probabilities be \(\lambda …

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